Kaibab National Forest Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan

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Because the previous plan was outdated, the Kaibab Plateau - North Rim Parkway, which is otherwise known as Arizona Highway 67, needed a new corridor management plan (CMP) to retain and enhance the cultural, historic, recreational, archeological, natural, and scenic qualities that define the area. This important byway serves as the gateway to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. With input from U.S. Forest Service staff and the public, LJB recently finished a new CMP that outlines goals for improving and implementing new procedures and projects to attract more travelers and enhance visitors' experiences. Assistance from local communities through public meetings was essential in creating the new CMP for the byway. LJB and the Forest Service held four public meetings during the development of the plan to provide information about the project and solicit input. These well-attended meetings were held in person and via an online/teleconference meeting service to allow for remote participant participation. By promoting the unique qualities that define the byway, local businesses, communities, and partners benefit from more travelers and visitors looking for authentic experiences along Arizona Highway 67.

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