Sign and Guardrail Inventory

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LJB completed an inventory of existing traffic signs and guardrails throughout Shelby County. With more than 4,000 signs and 380 miles of county roads, LJB used custom data forms using ArcPad on Trimble GPS units with custom drop down fields to automate data collection, which improved efficiency and accuracy of data.

This automation significantly reduces errors in data collection and makes the process more cost effective. For both inventories, field crews used a Wi-Fi digital camera that automatically linked the photos to the corresponding sign or guardrail, saving valuable time later. To improve data management, Shelby County is using LJB's web-based infrastructure management system that uses GIS technologies.

The county can easily view data graphically, create reports, create work orders, print location maps and update data. This software allows the county to view multiple data sets in one place to better evaluate needed improvements or impacts of future projects.

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