Yankee Street Improvements

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To increase capacity between Austin Boulevard and Spring Valley Pike, this project studied the reconstruction of 0.53 miles of Yankee Street from an existing two-lane/three-lane roadway with open shoulders to a curbed four-lane divided section with curb and gutter, a shared-use path, and sidewalk to avoid cultural and Section 4(f) resource impacts.

The initial phase of construction only included building half of the typical section while maintaining a single travelled lane in each direction in addition to a two-way left-turn lane. The storm sewer was designed to accommodate a future phase of construction that completed the full typical section buildout. Utility planning included both public and private utility relocations that would also accommodate the future phase of construction without impacts.

A detailed survey of the centerline and section lines was completed such that a plat could be filed resolving multiple centerlines into one line. Traffic control included temporary pavement and drainage, coordinating culvert and drainage construction with work zone, temporary signal adjustment, and lane shifts through intersection.

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