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To fulfill LJB’s corporate mission – to improve the quality of life – the Safety Division constantly focuses on the best ways to reduce risk for workers.

What better way to improve quality of life than to ensure that workers return home safely each night? When safety issues are properly addressed, the result is increased safety and reduced risk.

LJB’s unique characteristics allow us to focus on only our clients’ best interests.  We can help you identify, evaluate and control your safety hazards—all while bringing consistency to your systems, procedures and training.

  1. LJB does not manufacture, distribute or sell equipment.  Because we see no economic gains for specifying certain products, we are unbiased about potential solutions.  As a result, we always focus on workable solutions that increase safety and productivity.  
  2. LJB has detailed knowledge of applicable regulations and standards.  The LJB team is well versed in OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.  This intimate knowledge allows us to propose compliant solutions the first time. 
  3. LJB knows both structural engineering and safety.  With more dually registered professional engineers and certified safety professionals than any other firm in the industry, LJB can ensure that all critical aspects of your safety systems are considered.  Our dual expertise provides you with the most effective solutions that account for functional strength and behavioral safety.

Confined Space

Although confined spaces are inevitable in many work environments, they compromise worker safety by their very nature.

Fall Protection

Fall protection presents two conflicting realities: significant fall incidents don’t happen often, but when they do occur, they’re catastrophic and costly.


Prevention Through Design

The Prevention through Design (PtD) concept allows an organization to evaluate and implement safety measures during the programming and design phases of a project.

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