Structural Engineering

At LJB, we are designing facilities that improve the quality of life for owners and occupants. Owners are looking for buildings that are functional, attractive, durable and energy efficient that are economical to build. For us, the art comes in bringing it all together – functionality, aesthetics, budget consciousness and timely construction.

Our team of engineers and architects is strategically organized to handle your facility design needs. Whether new construction or renovation, we will work with you to provide a solution that you and your occupants are proud of.

LJB has particular expertise in design-build, tilt-up concrete buildings, and turn-key building shells that gets you in your building faster without sacrificing quality.

The following key services give you a glimpse of how we can partner with you to design the perfect solution.

  • New Structures and Renovations
  • Tilt-Up
  • Turn-Key Building Shell
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Structural Condition Evaluations
  • Steel Detailing
  • Bridges - design, inspection and load rating
  • Fall Protection Anchorage Design and Certification

LJB Quick Facts


Quick Fact #1 – By providing concurrent structural design and steel detailing services, we can save up to a month on project schedules.


Quick Fact #2 – LJB provided structural steel detailing for a multi-story office project that incorporated 1,300 tons of structural steel.


Quick Fact #3 – LJB designed the first bridge in Ohio to incorporate composites into the design of bridge components, which is expected to last 100 years.


Quick Fact #4 – Our team of bridge specialists have performed more than 500 bridge load ratings and over 100 annual bridge inspections.


Quick Fact #5 – LJB structural designers have unique expertise related to anti-terrorism/force protection standards, as well as blast resistance and progressive collapse avoidance design.


Quick Fact #6 – With a long history working within the design-build method, LJB has provided structural design on more than 1,500 design-build projects.