CLA-SR72-6.83 South Limestone Street Reconstruction PID 106287

Project Description

The purpose of the South Limestone Street Reconstruction Project is to provide a safer transportation corridor that serves as a gateway to Springfield for pedestrians and motorists, while fostering economic development within Clark County.

The project includes Limestone Street between I-70 and Singer Street. In this corridor, South Limestone currently has two lanes of traffic in each direction, and several studies have evaluated crash issues, traffic flow, safety, visual appeal, and overall economic development potential.

How Can You Participate?

Based on studies and preliminary design work, the City of Springfield is working with consultants from LJB Inc. to finalize a plan to improve the corridor, and we are seeking stakeholder feedback on the proposed solution. Please submit your comments by January 12, 2021.

Please review the information included in the Project Details below and participate in this public meeting.  You will be able to revisit this meeting page until January 12, 2021.  After that date, the comment period will be closed, and the page may be removed.  To comment, please click on the ‘COMMENTS” link at the top of this webpage.


Project Details

Open House Presentation Video

Typical Section

The preferred alternative includes two 12-foot lanes in each direction with a 4-foot concrete median, as well as 4’ treelawns, and 6-foot sidewalks on each side.


Traffic loons will allow legal U-turns at the Leffel Lane and John Street intersections to reach destinations on the other side of the concrete median.

Helpful Links

Open House Presentation

Presentation with notes (PDF)


Limestone Street 5-page brochure (PDF)

Project Map

Poster size map of the corridor (PDF)

FHWA Website

Introduction to Right-of-Way Requirements and the Uniform Act


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