École Élémentaire Publique Des Sentiers

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A school district in Ontario, Canada, needed a new school on an extremely tight schedule. By using site cast insulated tilt-up concrete wall panels, the design-build team constructed this attractive two-story educational facility, École Élémentaire Publique Des Sentiers, in only six months—just in time for the academic year to begin. The new 55,000-square-foot school was cost-effective to build and is aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient. In fact, when compared to its similar-sized sister school that was built using traditional brick and masonry construction, École Élémentaire Publique Des Sentiers uses 23 percent less electricity and 38 percent less natural gas each year. That reduced energy consumption means lower energy costs for the school district.

École Élémentaire Publique Des Sentiers is also a 2001 Tilt-Up Achievement Award winner.

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