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Struggling with fall protection and workplace safety?

Effective fall protection and workplace safety programs can mean the difference between life and death for your employees. Designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining programs that meet or exceed federal, state, and local standards can be incredibly difficult, but getting it wrong simply isn’t an option. You need a partner who can plan it and put it in place to protect you, your organization, and your people from harm. You need the turnkey fall protection and workplace safety experts at LJB.

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

LJB safety professionals live and breathe fall protection and continually focus on new and better ways to protect workers. Our clients receive the safest and most cost-effective results because we provide comprehensive solutions that address all aspects: engineering, safety, procedures and training.

OSHA National Emphasis Program

OSHA has instituted a National Emphasis Program to prevent falls—the leading cause of fatal workplace injuries and the violation the agency cites most frequently. Let our team of fall protection experts help you understand the program and prepare for compliance.


Risk Assesment

Fall Protection Risk Assessments

LJB helps you identify, evaluate and prioritize fall hazards to best allocate your resources to reduce risk.


Fall Protection Design​

With our dual expertise in structural engineering and safety, LJB delivers fall protection solutions that account for functional strength and behavioral safety.


Fall Protection System Certification

LJB applies a thorough system certification process for both new and old systems—to ensure systems will function properly when called upon to save a life.


Fall Protection Training

LJB’s accredited trainers deliver authorized, competent and qualified person fall protection training programs—both virtually and in person.


System Fabrication /Installation

We fabricate and install fall protection systems to facilitate proper implementation that protects your investments and your people.


Program Management

Our fall protection experts guide you with expertise in regulations, standards, resources and best practices.

Trusted By The Best

Some of the world’s most respected, reputable organizations trust the fall protection and workplace safety experts at LJB to protect their people and their bottom line.

Additional Resources

Fall Protection Plus

Check out how we leverage technology + fall protection expertise so your team can focus on meaningful safety management, rather than the administrative aspects of a comprehensive fall protection program.

Fall Protection Training Courses

LJB specializes in fall protection training that’s hands-on and comprehensive—no matter your level of expertise. Our fall protection courses combine regulations, standards and best practices with information on equipment use and limitations, enabling you to identify and correct potential fall protection issues before they arise.

Fall Protection Safety Blog

Fall Protection Program Blog Series: Fall Protection Program Roles and Responsibilities

Fall Protection Program Blog Series: Fall Protection Program Roles and Responsibilities

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A properly managed fall protection program can save costs, lives, and help you avoid legal issues. Start assessing your current program by downloading your free Managed Fall Protection Program worksheet or keep track of your Fall Hazards and Active Systems with a free management database. 


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