Safety / Fall Protection

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Unmatched Experience & Expertise in Fall Protection

LJB’s fall protection consulting and design services have proven to help organizations—from Fortune 100 companies to large government agencies to healthcare organizations—address their safety concerns in a programmed, cost-effective manner.

Fall Protection Services

A properly planned and well-executed fall protection program can mean the difference between life and death for workers at heights. LJB fall protection experts help you reduce risk and improve safety for building maintenance and operations tasks.

Risk Assesment
Fall Protection Risk Assessments

LJB helps you identify, evaluate and prioritize fall hazards to best allocate your resources to reduce risk.

Fall Protection Design

With our dual expertise in structural engineering and safety, LJB delivers fall protection solutions that account for functional strength and behavioral safety.

Fall Protection System Certification

LJB applies a thorough system certification process for both new and old systems—to ensure systems will function properly when called upon to save a life.


LJB’s accredited trainers deliver authorized, competent and qualified person fall protection training programs—both virtually and in person.

System Fabrication /Installation

We fabricate and install fall protection systems to facilitate proper implementation that protects your investment.

Program Management

Our fall protection experts guide you with expertise in regulations, standards, resources and best practices.

Providing Complete Fall Protection Solutions

Fall protection solutions are only as strong as their weakest link. Unlike some self-proclaimed “turnkey installers,” LJB knows that to truly protect workers at height, you need more than just some pieces of equipment. Every aspect must be considered.

Whatever level of support you need, LJB provides it. Whether that means developing a fall protection program or solution from the ground up, training your staff, conducting a risk assessment, designing a fall protection solution, installing or certifying fall protection systems, we are your true turnkey provider of fall protection solutions.

Fall Protection Asset Management

LJB can deliver a visual, dynamic and interactive solution to organize safety documentation in a web-based data management system that improves efficiency, enhances communication and facilitates compliance.

  • Store and easily access certification, inspection and training documents
  • Manage PPE inventory
  • Track upcoming and overdue inspections
  • Assign work orders
  • Schedule equipment maintenance
  • Plan for repairs
Other Safety Services

Our staff can also address a variety of other occupational safety concerns, including:

  • Prevention through Design
  • Confined space
  • Electrical safety
  • Arc flash

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