Developing and maintaining proper infrastructure is a foundation for successful communities, institutions and businesses. The diverse and experienced design experts at LJB provide innovative infrastructure solutions that are invisible by design.

Concern over the quality of our environment continues to increase. LJB has an integrated team that monitors and implements environmental rules to facilitate compliance and sustainability.

LJB has a passion for improving safety for workers and reducing risk for organizations. Our staff can address a variety of occupational safety concerns, and we have unmatched experience and expertise in fall prevention and protection.

LJB leverages the latest technology in data collection and asset management to provide solutions for project planning, management, and implementation.

Our team’s size, creativity, and depth of expertise make us an ideal partner who can deliver cost-effective solutions that are easily and reliably constructed in the field.

Our transportation services focus on improving the safety and efficiency of the traveling public, and we have the experience and expertise to design solutions that meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands.

LJB University is your source for engaging customized business and fall protection training programs that enable you to immediately be better at what you do.

LJB is recognized for its creativity in providing innovative water, wastewater and storm water solutions.

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