Our Culture

Cool Projects. Great People.

When LJB employees are asked what they love about their jobs, the answer is one or both of these things. It’s true: Our team works on really challenging, unique and interesting projects. And, our amazing staff includes people with passions and talents that improve the quality of life—both as part of our work and beyond it.

“The opportunities to grow, do fun and interesting work, learn and try new things are remarkable. LJB undersold themselves when they recruited me.”

“I am challenged to do a good job and have the freedom to provide input on the variety of projects that come my way.”

“I like the people I work with and want LJB to succeed.”

“The ability to interact with some of the brightest professionals in the industry is what I find most meaningful about working at LJB.”

“There is true mutual respect between co-workers at LJB. This makes for a very supportive and creative work environment.”

What You’ll Find at LJB

A Supportive Work Environment

At LJB, we speak freely, have the liberty to explore new ideas, and ask questions others don’t ask. Mutual respect among co-workers inspires collaboration and creativity, and we’re not afraid to take risks to develop the right solution for our clients.

A Focus on Professional Development

We challenge our professionals to cross-train, work with a diverse client base, collaborate with other professional disciplines, learn from internal and external mentors, and seek continuing education. LJB University, the firm’s training and development unit, provides employees and clients with continuing education opportunities.

An Appreciation for Work-Life Balance

Every LJBer is unique and has his or her distinct interests and passions—both inside and outside the workplace. We work. We play. We serve. We pray. We share time with our families. Some of us coach. Others mentor and teach. Some of us play music. Others sing. And some of us just like to listen. We are known for our flexibility, family friendliness and appreciation for work-life balance—to allow our employees to be wholly who they are.

A Spirit of Curiosity

At LJB, we are intellectually curious. It is important to understand the core needs and challenges our clients face, because when we seek to understand, we can provide practical and creative innovations that improve the quality of our clients’ lives. Curiosity leads to discovery, which can bring great joy to our work and real results for our clients.

A Sense of Community

Communities are made up of people and relationships. No one can own a community; however, each of us influences the culture of it. We are all stewards of our LJB community and its unique culture. We challenge our team members to think about how each of us would like LJB to look and feel, and then think about what we, individually, can and will do to create that vision.

Young Professionals Network

LJB supports a Young Professionals Network to engage, connect, develop, and empower young professionals (35 and under) by providing career development, networking, mentoring and educational opportunities.

Employee-Run Committees

LJB supports three employee-run committees that focus on areas that matter to our team members:


We know that work is more rewarding and productive when we take time to get to know each other, relieve stress and just have fun.  


Beyond our sustainable project designs, this committee helps us focus on being responsible stewards of resources through education and periodic events.  


We work hard to meet the needs of the whole person. We provide events, resources and communications that promote positive health and well-being.