Newtown Youth Academy

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The Newtown Youth Academy is an 86,000-square-foot sports facility that features a soccer field, basketball courts, fitness center, running track and office space. This $7.2 million facility was completed in only eight months

This $7.2 million facility was completed in only eight months – three months earlier than with traditional methods. Using tilt-up construction also saved $600,000 in construction costs.

The project is located on a vacated mental health institution campus, dating back to the 1930s. Surrounding buildings consist of brick and classical architecture, so the project needed to be consistent with the style of the existing building on campus. To work within its surroundings, the building was designed with a thin brick facade cast into the tilt-up panels, post-applied architectural accents, and classical columns for the entryway.

With a LEED Silver certification, the facility is an innovative example of sustainability in the community. The solar panel system used on the building will provide more than 30 percent of the building's electricity, lowering operating costs and the impact of the environment.

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