Petrochemical Industry Competent Person Fall Protection Training

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With Motiva Enterprises near New Orleans serving as the host organization, LJB conducted a competent person fall protection training course specific to the petrochemical industry. This market sector presents very unique fall protection challenges, so the class focused on fall hazards and solutions that are specific to petrochemical operations and maintenance. To ensure that attendees would be able to apply what they learned, the class also included specific exercises and case studies that are relevant within a petrochemical facility.

This customized course was attended by not only Motiva Norco employees, but also safety professionals from three other refineries in the Gulf Coast region.

Based on feedback from the attendees, the training made a significant impact on their thinking regarding fall protection.

I had a "wow" moment during the training. I didn't realize so much was involved in managing a fall protection program. – Brent Glidden (Motiva Norco)

This course does a good job of moving the mindset from "fall protection" to "protection from a fall." The goal is to avoid falls in the first place—not just catch someone once they have fallen. – Ed Grosse (Shell Deer Park)

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