In a market that rapidly changes and revolves around consumer and service trends, there is no time to waste putting the right team together. LJB provides site design, structural, environmental, safety and traffic services to help architects, contractors and developers finish projects with a focus on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.




Like the government, LJB continuously seeks innovative ways to build efficient facilities and keep people safe. Our experience working for the Department of Defense, the General Services Administration (GSA) and various federal agencies has challenged our team to deliver innovative solutions to unique challenges within set project parameters.




LJB traces its beginnings to the industrial marketplace and relishes the long-term relationships we have maintained with clients in the manufacturing, chemical, and oil and gas industries. With a diverse staff that understands the latest techniques and regulations in civil, structural, environmental and safety engineering, LJB can readily assist your personnel in the most efficient and helpful ways.




We view our service to the institutional marketplace as a service to people. Whether it's a place to learn or a place to heal, institutions are all about serving people – just like LJB. To create pleasing environments, design professionals must create not only functional space, but also attractive and pleasant surroundings. LJB achieves this balance by coordinating our projects so that all parties' needs are heard at the onset and met in completion.


Public Works


At LJB, we understand the challenges municipalities face every day, and we know that each project comes with its own deadlines and budget constraints. We provide innovative facility and infrastructure design solutions because we understand there is no room for error when public money is involved. With professionals including engineers, surveyors, environmental scientists, and planners, LJB has everything you need to provide facilities and infrastructure your citizens can be proud of for years to come.




With professionals including certified project managers, planners, traffic engineers, roadway designers, bridge engineers, environmental scientists, right-of-way acquisition specialists, and surveyors, LJB has everything you need to improve your infrastructure. We can complete large and complex projects with aggressive time frames. We have industry-unique expertise in interchange design, complex structures, corridor and safety studies, and NEPA clearance.