Fall Protection Training

The goal of fall protection training is to change behavior. To achieve real change, training needs to go beyond regulation-based workshops and courses focused on personal protective equipment. LJB’s fall protection training courses provide you with the knowledge to solve your fall protection issues before they arise. LJB's training provides you with the tools needed to identify fall hazards, as well as the insights and skills to develop and implement a comprehensive and cost-effective fall hazard control program. LJB’s Competent Person fall protection training course has been approved as meeting EM-385 requirements outlined by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Each of LJB's training programs is designed so that participants can engage with the material and apply it in their workplaces.

Competent Person

ljb-fpt-page-competent-person This program is designed for safety personnel, operation managers, engineers, supervisors, superintendents and other selected company personnel whose work involves the need to address fall protection issues, train authorized persons, inspect equipment components and/or who are responsible for the supervision of employees working at heights.

Qualified Person

ljb-fpt-page-qualified-person This advanced program is designed for individuals who are technically literate in fundamental engineering topics. It provides training for those who are responsible for design-related projects and whose work involves addressing fall protection issues and supervising workers at heights. We recommend completing competent person fall protection training before this program, but it’s not required.

Authorized Person

ljb-fpt-page-authorized-person This 8-hour training program is for anyone who uses fall protection equipment. The goal of LJB’s authorized person training is to provide participants with the knowledge to use fall protection properly in their daily work and to become aware of issues before they arise. The course provides interactive instruction, multimedia resources, and knowledge checks to train attendees to the authorized person level.


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