LJB wins record 7 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards

At the recent Tilt-Up Convention & Expo in Miami, Florida, LJB took home seven Tilt-Up Achievement Awards—marking a company best and tying an awards program record for most awards in a given year. This year’s awards bring our company grand total to 65 awards—more than doubling the number of awards for any other structural designer.

LJB provided structural design for the following award winners, the first two of which were Excellence in Achievement winners–entries that score highest in architectural and engineering creativity, and construction ingenuity.

  • All Aboard Florida Fort Lauderdale Station
  • Civic Center & City Hall of Pembroke Pines
  • Fellowship Alliance Chapel
  • Half Moon Bay Elementary School
  • Daikin Texas Technology Park
  • Linn Energy
  • Wesex Corporation Headquarters