Fall Protection / Safety Resources

Grade and Prioritize Key Elements of a Fall Protection Program for Your Organization

Managed Fall Protection Program Assessment

Take an assessment to see where your fall protection program stands:

  • Improve safety by gaining insight on areas of improvement for your program
  • Save time by determining program areas you could outsource
  • Reduce risk by prioritizing program elements with notes on next steps to improve them
  • Save costs in the construction process by determining Prevention through Design opportunities

Throw away that stack of papers and take the first step toward bringing your fall protection program into the digital age.

Active System Management

Save time by tracking and managing active systems digitally:

  • Ensure quality equipment for your team by tracking manufacturer information
  • Streamline monitoring by filtering a list of your active systems
  • Save time and increase safety by tracking systems that pass or fail inspection
  • Accurately track systems using part and serial numbers for effective management
  • Operate effeciently by knowing the location of your active systems
  • Reduce time spent tracking upkeep by seeing installation and inspection date history

Fall Hazard Management

Save time by tracking and managing fall hazards digitally:

  • Conserve spending and prioritize safety by tracking your top fall hazards and mitgation solutions
  • Efficiently locate hazards by location
  • Effictively manage budget by tracking the cost of solutions
  • Avoid legal headaches by monitoring compliance status to ensure adherence to safety regulations and standards
  • Gain peace of mind by documenting repair dates and notes for transparency


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