WPAFB Entry Gate Control Environmental Assessment

LJB prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that assessed the impacts that may result from the reconfiguration of traffic entry into Area A at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. LJB addressed the environmental consequences of the proposed action, alternatives to the proposed action, as well as the no action alternative associated with consolidating, relocating, and reconfiguring vehicle ECPs and extending the base perimeter fence to encompass the Kittyhawk Center, enabling it to be contiguous with Area C of the base.

Impacts investigated included noise; air quality; air and ground safety; earth resources (soils and water); biological resources; cultural and traditional resources; land use; recreation and visual resources; transportation; socioeconomics; environmental justice; hazardous materials, and hazardous waste associated the proposed action, now and in the known near future.

The primary documents prepared were an EIS and any associated studies to support the environmental analysis including an Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS), other required resource studies, a Record of Decision (ROD) and any Mitigation Plans as required. Other documents included public notifications, public scoping and public hearing plan and other reports such as traffic analyses/studies.

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