Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Urban Tree Inventory and Assessment

The urban trees at WPAFB provide numerous environmental benefits including reduction of air pollutants, energy conservation, storm water runoff mitigation, and establishing natural habitat. The trees contribute greatly to the quality of life at the Base.

LJB performed assessments of Base trees and canopy and ultimate developed an urban forest management plan for the Base that addressed urban forest sustainability. A three-tiered system consisting of GPS technology, map data on a hand-held computer and an arborist’s field judgment provide input on the following details: location, species, size, stems, condition, location rating, primary maintenance needs, risk assessment, and risk rating. This project also included a benefits assessment that measured the environmental & aesthetic benefits, energy conservation, air quality benefits, CO2 reduction, storm water mitigation, and property value increase of the trees. This plan and LJB’s recommendations were developed to help Wright-Patterson AFB face the challenge of managing their urban forest.

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