Our integrated team is made up of biological archaeologists, ecological restoration specialists, stream and wetland professionals, environmental scientists, ornithologists, and engineers that work together to meet our clients’ needs as they are related to all state or federal regulations in an accurate and timely fashion.  Our goal is to work with each other and our clients to monitor and implement rules and regulations that ensure compliance and protect the environment for future generations.

LJB’s Environmental Service Team has monitored and delineated over 300 acres of wetlands and streams, conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for state and federal agencies, identified cultural resource sites and worked with the Ohio and North Carolina Preservation Offices to preserve history, along with obtaining proper certifications and permits for water resources and habitat management.

Our clients benefit from our services with thorough and up to date knowledge of environmental and cultural regulations such as the U.S. EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry rule, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), Endangered Species Act, and Clean Water Act programs.


  • Amphibian/Reptile Identification/Monitoring
  • Artifact Identification/Museum Curation
  • Endangered Species Habitat Assessments
  • Mussel Presence/Absence Surveys
  • Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling
  • Water Quality Assessments
  • Ecotourism Trail Delineations
  • Bird Surveys and Habitat Monitoring
  • Burial Recovery/Identification
  • Forest Ecology/Monitoring
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Historic Preservation
  • Vegetation Surveys
  • Landfill Odor and Air Monitoring
  • Public Education/Involvement
  • Noise and Air Quality Analysis

LJB Quick Facts


Quick Fact #1 – LJB has assessed more than 100 wetlands, 200 streams and obtained 404/401 permits for nearly 50 projects.


Quick Fact #2 – Our team has developed innovative GIS solutions and mapping software to conduct assessments, manage assets and provide high level analysis for complex environmental issues.


Quick Fact #3 – LJB has conducted due diligence, sampling, evaluations and remediation for hazardous materials, petroleum products, vapor intrusion, asbestos, and lead on thousands of sites.


Quick Fact #4 – Our specialists have completed NEPA documentation for over 500 federally funded projects located in nearly every county in Ohio, and in half a dozen states across the country.


Quick Fact #5 – LJB has evaluated noise for nearly 100 projects, including HUD-assisted housing, railroads and major highways.


Quick Fact #6 – Our specialists are qualified in mussel, bat and floristic surveys for evaluation of endangered species impacts.