Konecranes Taps LJB to Provide Fall Protection Training throughout 2020

LJB has partnered with overhead crane manufacturer Konecranes to provide fall protection training through the company’s Konecranes Training Institute. This fall protection training powered by LJB includes authorized person and competent person training, with classes scheduled through December 2020.

  • The one-day Fall Protection Authorized Person course is ideal for crane maintenance workers and covers the fall protection authorized person responsibilities defined in the ANSI/ASSP Z359.2-2017 standard.
  • The three-day Fall Protection Competent Person course covers the fall protection competent person responsibilities defined in ANSI/ASSP Z359.2-2017. Trainees—including supervisors, safety personnel and facility engineers—will gain the tools required to become a recognized OSHA competent person and the skills to develop and implement a comprehensive, cost-effective and attainable fall protection program.

Both courses feature exercises focused on typical worker experiences, ensuring that students gain skills they can immediately apply on the job.

“We analyzed the OSHA-reported crane incidents that occurred in the United States over the last decade and found that 12% were caused by falls from up to 100-foot heights,” explained Joe Otten, Director of Konecranes Sales & Service Academy. “Since LJB University’s fall protection training classes have come highly recommended by our own staff, we decided to create a way for our clients to access LJB’s fall protection expertise.”

Director of LJB University, Tim Azbill, said, “After providing fall protection training to Konecranes employees over the past few years, we know how important protecting workers from falls is to everyone at the company. We’re thrilled Konecranes has entrusted LJB to be the fall protection training provider for its clients.”

Classes kick off in January in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and are open to everyone. The first Fall Protection Competent Person class is Jan. 28-30, and the first Fall Protection Authorized Person class is Jan. 31.

Learn more about the courses, including dates, locations and how to register:

Fall Protection Authorized Person – 1 Day

Fall Protection Competent Person – 3 Days

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