LJB Tapped to Collect Traffic Data for NCDOT

North Carolina Department of Transportation officials have tapped LJB to provide traffic data collection services over the next three years. The NCDOT contract will be managed through LJB’s offices in Raleigh and Wilmington, North Carolina.

Under the supervision of LJB’s North Carolina practice leader, Roberto Canales, P.E., LJB traffic engineers and technicians will gather traffic information, such as vehicle turning movement data, pedestrian corridor crossing data, and vehicle volume, speed, and class data from sites statewide. NCDOT business units will use the data for project development, safety and mobility initiatives, planning, and forecasting.

LJB is prequalified with NCDOT to provide traffic data collection under discipline code 00309—a requirement to be considered for the contract. The LJB team also boasts experience collecting traffic data on complex transportation projects and on-call contracts for various transportation agencies, including statewide design, planning and traffic engineering.

To learn more about LJB’s transportation services, visit https://www.ljbinc.com/services/transportation-traffic.