LJB to design roadway improvement in Delaware County, Ohio

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office has selected LJB to design the widening of Cheshire Road in Berlin Township, Ohio. The project will improve the capacity of the current two-lane rural roadway to meet the demand generated by current development and the planned development of 1,000 more rooftops in the next five years.

The project will widen 0.88 miles of Cheshire Road to three lanes—one in each direction with left turn lanes or two way left turn lanes as appropriate. LJB will provide preliminary engineering services through submittal of final construction documents, with a focus on salvaging existing pavement, limiting impacts to properties and utilities and maintaining local traffic during construction.

“We know how important this roadway improvement is to accommodate the area’s growth plans,” said LJB project manager Dan Hoying. “We are excited to work with the County to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support current and future residents.”