Central Avenue/East Dixie Drive Signal System Replacement


LJB replaced and upgraded the traffic signal system and installed ADA compliant pedestrian curb ramps at seven intersections in downtown West Carrollton.

LJB conducted manual traffic counts to obtain accurate current data, and completed a full evaluation at each intersection, including signal warrant analysis, capacity analysis, clearance interval calculations and system analysis, and a field evaluation of all equipment at the intersections.

As a result of this analysis, LJB designed a WiMax commercial mesh radio interconnect system that connected the intersections to the city’s existing central system and the recently reconfigured interchange at Exit 47 on Interstate 75. Detailed signal plans included extensive reuse of existing equipment to control costs.

LJB also performed a detailed survey of each of the intersections to identify the locations of existing signal equipment, utility facilities, edges of pavement, curb and curb ramps, sidewalk, and property pins.

City of West Carrollton
West Carrollton, OH

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