State Route 799 Conventional and Composite Bridge Replacements

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For this unique pilot project, LJB designed the replacement of two prestressed concrete box beam bridges. The purpose of the project was to compare the long-term sustainability of using different types of construction materials. One of the bridges was designed using conventional materials, while the other bridge uses long-lasting carbon fiber composite cable (CFCC - Tokyo Rope) strands and stainless steel bar reinforcing in the superstructure. Both bridges were replaced with single-span structures so that the structures are similar enough for long-term performance comparisons between new and traditional construction materials/methods.

Throughout the project, LJB worked closely with composite industry experts to better understand the opportunities and challenges associated with this project and the incorporation of nontraditional construction materials. In one instance, LJB led an evaluation to reduce the length of both bridges. As a result, construction cost savings are estimated to be more than $300,000.

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