Falling for Work

A Story of Death and Determination


When Dan loses his best friend to an occupational accident, he questions everything. Did the company do enough to protect him? Are the rest of us protected from this happening again? Dan’s questions turn into an unshakeable resolve to improve safety for the company—to make sure that his friend didn’t die in vain. Dan’s journey from ignorance to expertise illustrates how all organizations can and should approach protecting workers at heights.

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Kim Messer

Kimberly Messer
Corporate Marketing Manager, LJB Inc.

Kimberly Messer is a communication professional who has focused her career on the built industry, with a specific focus on safety for workers at heights. She has authored dozens of articles and hundreds of presentations on fall prevention and protection for regional, national and international safety events, as well as for customized training courses. Kimberly has also served as the Administrator for the International Society for Fall Protection. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Dayton.

On a personal note, she is supported by her husband, Nathan, and her three daughters Kayla, Marie and Lydia.


About the Book

Proper execution of a fall protection program can mean the difference between life and death for your workers at heights.  After working in support of fall protection consulting and design professionals at LJB Inc. for more than a decade, it became clear to Ms. Messer that the industry needs a new way to communicate the critical nature of fall prevention and protection–to both those within the safety profession and those in management.  Many existing resources on fall prevention and protection are highly technical and complex, which can overshadow the core issue of saving lives. Ms. Messer authored this book to communicate fall protection best practices in a manner that is accessible to technical and non-technical professionals alike.

Using a relatable story, Falling for Work illustrates how organizations can create and maintain an effective fall protection program. The book is written as a short narrative to make it easy to read and process. Anyone who is concerned with safety will benefit from the practical advice given in this book. Applying the lessons learned from this book can help you build a safety culture and empower personnel to make positive changes toward safer workplaces.

ISBN: 978-1-329-45856-7

Published: August 14, 2015

Language: English

Pages: 110

Dimensions in inches: 6 wide x 9 tall