Our transportation services focus on improving the safety and efficiency of the traveling public, and we have the experience and expertise to design solutions that meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands. From roadway, bridge, trail and traffic signal design to transportation planning and studies, LJB professionals focus on results that improve infrastructure without disrupting the daily lives of the citizens we serve.


  • Bridge
  • GIS Services
  • Recreational Trails
  • Roadway
  • Site Development
  • Survey
  • Traffic signal/system design and studies
  • Transportation planning


Ralph Norman
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Transportation/Traffic Portfolio


LJB Quick Facts

Quick Fact #1 – Our traffic engineering experience in the last 10 years has included more than 150 intersection/corridor traffic safety studies, 350 signalized intersections, 20 traffic signal systems, and 10 site impact analysis projects.

Quick Fact #2 – LJB has three Greenroads-certified Sustainable Transportation Professionals (STPs) on staff, and our team designed the first Greenroads certified project in Ohio.
Quick Fact #3 – We have performed more than 20 interchange modification studies and interchange analyses, and improved more than 15 service interchanges in the past 20 years.
Quick Fact #4 – LJB is a Bronze Partner with the National Complete Streets Coalition (NCSC) - an advocacy group focused on transforming roads so that they can be utilized by all road users.
Quick Fact #5 – LJB designed the first bridge in Ohio to incorporate composite materials into the design of bridge components, which is expected to extend the useful life of the structure up to 100 years.
Quick Fact #6 – LJB designed the first continuous flow and quadrant roadway intersections in the state of Ohio.