LJB and SelectTech GeoSpatial Partner on US-Made UAS for Government Projects

Prototype of US-Made UAS by LJB & SelectTech GeoSpatial

National engineering firm LJB Inc. is partnering with technology manufacturer SelectTech GeoSpatial LLC to design and build an unmanned aerial system (UAS) for geospatial and survey activities.

SelectTech’s expertise in rugged frame design, as well as in integrating autopilots, controllers, navigation systems, data links, software and sensors, enables LJB to further pioneer the use of UAS-assisted surveys. “In addition to growing LJB’s UAS fleet, partnering with SelectTech provides the flexibility to meet the security specifications our private, federal, state and local clients require,” said Mike Stanoikovich, LJB vice president and director of corporate development.

Each with decades of experience serving the private, public and federal sectors, LJB and SelectTech are adept at meeting the stringent demands of government customers, including controlling the supply chain to ensure component quality and data security.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the UAS will be equipped with photogrammetry, LiDAR, infrared and other sensors. Its platform will be based on SelectTech’s proven and flexible EH-4X airframe that can carry multiple sensors to enable more efficient data collection. That efficiency will enhance the ability of LJB’s geospatial and survey experts to integrate the UAS data with traditional and GIS data to provide solutions for project planning, management and implementation.