LJB Earns Historic Bridge Design Award

The rehabilitation and relocation of the Zenas King Truss Bridge preserved history and created a unique park attraction—and just earned a 2021 Ohio Historic Bridge Award. Originally constructed in 1879, the bridge was previously rehabilitated and relocated in 1913, where it functioned until 1970 and was then left abandoned in a rural farm field until 2019.

LJB’s bridge team managed the rehabilitation and relocation of the historic bridge into Tawawa Park in Sidney, Ohio. As part of this unique project, the remains of the wrought iron bridge were disassembled and transported to a specialty iron-worker shop in Michigan for renovation and reconstruction. The rehabilitated structure has a span of 71’-3” and a usable width of 10’-3” between the railings. The historic iron-work details of the bridge were either preserved or replaced, and a new timber deck was installed to match the historic nature of the original structure.

LJB received the Ohio Historic Bridge Award last week during the 2021 County Engineer’s Association of Ohio (CEAO) annual bridge conference.

Click here for more details and photos of this award-winning project.