LJB Honored for Focus on Employee Wellbeing

LJB Inc. has been recognized by the 2021 Healthiest Employers of Ohio awards program, which honors organizations that prioritize the wellbeing of their employees. LJB earned a position as a finalist, among other companies who are also recognized for their commitment to workplace wellness and exceptional health and benefit offerings. Honorees also received special recognition for their ability to adapt to remote workforces and new policies due to the global pandemic.

LJB has three offices and 100 employees in Ohio, and the firm’s wellness program is run by an internal committee of eight who recommend and plan events, activities and communications designed to encourage employees and their families to participate in wellness initiatives and reduce health risks. With this cross-section of staff providing input to its program, LJB leadership is able to better understand what will best incentivize and engage staff, resulting in the introduction of health-centered mobile apps, program incentives and employee contests.

“We know how critical our people are to the success of our company, and we know that healthy and happy people are the most productive,” said LJB CEO Rod Sommer. “Our emphasis on overall well-being—from mental health education to medical coaching to focusing on the safety of our workplace throughout the COVID-19 pandemic—allows us to take care of the people who make our business thrive.”

To participate in the program, LJB completed assessments that were ranked with the proprietary Healthiest Employers® Index, a 1-100 rubric for wellness programming. Twenty-seven companies were named as Healthiest Employers in the state this year. View the full list of finalists here.

Award applicants were evaluated across six key categories:

  • Culture and Leadership
  • Foundational Components
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Programming and Interventions
  • Reporting and Analytics