LJB structural engineer selected for Texas Governor’s council

Otis Jones, PE, LEED GA, a Senior Structural Engineer and Project Manager with LJB Inc., has been selected to serve on the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council. Recommended by a colleague and chosen from a pool of a dozen candidates, Otis is the only structural engineer on the multidiscipline council that oversees the state program regulating industrialized housing and buildings.

The council specifically helps the state regulate modular construction by writing rules and putting procedures in place to ensure projects are vetted and designed to standard. The council reports to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which then reports to the Governor.

“Otis is an exceptionally talented structural engineer and a collaborative teammate,” said LJB Regional Manager, Erik Spicker. “We are very proud to have him continue LJB’s long-standing tradition of leadership and service to the industry, as well as the communities in which we live. His time and experience will certainly be an asset to the Council as it serves their mission on ensuring safe industrialized housing and buildings.”