Adams Street Bridge Replacement


The Adams Street Bridge, originally built in 1913, had significant deterioration and did not meet current ODOT design standards. LJB designed the replacement for this historic bridge, which was eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rather than replicating the existing bridge, LJB incorporated context-sensitive design solutions that reflected the bridge’s historic surroundings and original structure, while meeting current design standards in a more cost-effective manner. LJB developed a public involvement plan (PIP) that included soliciting input from both stakeholders and the general public to give the community a forum to provide input on the aesthetic features and functions of the new structure.

After evaluating the comments and project requirements, LJB designed a new six-span continuous prestressed concrete I-beam bridge with arched fascia panels. The bridge is more than 500 feet long and accommodates one lane of traffic in each direction as well as dedicated bicycle and pedestrian lanes that connect with existing city-wide recreational trails on either side of the bridge.

Aesthetic enhancements for the bridge include arched fascia panels to give the structure the appearance of an arched bridge, decorative lighting, brick pavers and overlooks for pedestrians on each side.

Miami County Engineer’s Office
Troy, OH

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