Hackettstown Honda

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This state-of-the-art Honda dealership needed a clean, striking exterior to attract car buyers to the 37,000-square-foot dealership. A clean aesthetic that incorporated the Honda brand with an open showroom were critical for this project.

The owner also wanted an energy-efficient facility. By using tilt-up concrete construction, Bedrock Concrete delivered. The tilt-up wall panels allowed for large windows without columns to obstruct the view of customers. In the service area, Bedrock created a 71-foot clear span with no interior columns using load-bearing tilt-up wall panels. By insulating the tilt-up panels, the building is energy efficient and comfortable while providing a great atmosphere for the technicians and customers.

The Hackettstown Honda owner is so pleased with tilt-up construction that they are building another Honda dealership using tilt-up. Not only did tilt-up save the owner money, but he was open for business faster than with conventional construction.

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